Radio ga ga…

Rain rain go away…

Hello from a very wet and rainy Lincoln!

Today has been pretty full on – lots of different things here and there, confirming that every day really is different in the Outreach Team. Creativity has been a big part of the day – we’ve been working on posters for the upcoming UCAS fair, promoting our next Open Day. This has allowed us to explore Photoshop in a bit more detail & really put our own spin on the advertisements, giving the prospective students something to remember. Our goal is to create 30 different posters, which when put into 3 sets will tell some form of story about university life & Lincoln. Choosing images, deciding on font & colour schemes was a task in itself and took us longer than expected! Students will need a reason to look at these posters & that’s why they need to be just right. We have until the end of next week, so with the Jubilee celebrations in between, we are cracking on with determination! Continue reading


The Third Cohort…

The University of Lincoln – The Main Admin Building – Our main base during our internship.

Hello blogging world, it’s me again (Nicola).

This is turning out to be quite a busy week for us interns, the days are running along pretty quickly.

Matt mentioned in yesterday’s blog that we attended the Introduction to Internships at The University of Lincoln (quite a mouthful). I found it to be an incredibly useful and informative day. At first I wasn’t sure if I would be catered for (not sure if that’s the right way of putting it, but I’m sticking with it). What I mean by that is I thought the day would be aimed at students who have just graduated and started their first job (post-university) as an intern. However that wasn’t the case and once we had taken part in a bit of intern speed dating (really, that happened) we all, including the trainers, got to know everyone’s individual story. Continue reading


I’m (Matt) starting this blog a bit unsure about what exactly to write about. This is simply because I have been out of the office all day at a training event. This training was titled ‘Introduction to Internships’, and acted as way of being able to utilise the most out of the internship. This was the first out of many that we will be taking which has been a nice, unexpected surprise about working in this role. Continue reading

Marketing Monday…

Summer’s here!

Happy Monday!!!

The sun is still shining!!! Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend and aren’t suffering from the horrible cold that seems to be going round — Mine is slowly subsiding.

Today is a day of enquiries!! The Outreach Team have been drafted in to help answer external enquiries in the Marketing department, manning the phones. I am very glad we were asked to help out as it’ll hopefully build my confidence with taking enquiries in a quiet office; always a daunting task!

Marketing receive calls ranging from course questions, fee options, accommodation queries to how long is a piece of string…… so a real chance to test our knowledge– or simply our ability to transfer calls and get familiar with the phones- of which, no two are ever the same!!! . Continue reading

Happy Friday!

The latest, very cute, additions to the Brayford Campus

Happy Friday fellow bloggers!

I’m Emma & this is my first blog – if you fancy getting to know a little more about me, you can see my profile here

I’m going to start from the very beginning; following my graduation a stint of unemployment was thrown upon me – a massive shock to the system. I had been naive about my life post university & was happily unaware of what was to come. After the excitement of summer & graduation in September, reality started to kick in. By this point I had lost count how many applications I had sent out & had begun to think being employed was an unrealistic dream. Which is why today, sitting at my desk at the end of a great week, I feel incredibly lucky.

I’ve always said I wanted a job where I was met with something different each day and this is exactly what has happened. In just 7 weeks I have been able to get hands on with a huge variety of stuff  – this week has been no exception. Continue reading

Varied to say the least!

Hello blogging world!

I’m Nicola and this is my first official blog post for The Outreach Intern Blog!

(Read my full profile here).

A day as an Outreach Intern can vary a lot which is a really good thing. Over the past seven weeks I have helped at Applicant Call Back Days, worked at a Jobs and Careers Fair, attempted to decipher the benefits calculator, put together visa applications, designed funding leaflets for postgraduate students, took part in school visits, planned a radio broadcast, produced a presentation for undergraduate students and even attempted to ‘model’ in a photo shoot for the publications department. I’m really enjoying it; working within the University is very interesting and after a spell of unemployment I feel very lucky indeed. Continue reading

A Day Of All Sorts

The EMMTEC Building – Home to the International Department.

So this will be my (Matt’s) first blog as Hannah wrote yesterday. You can have a look at my profile  here.

So now that we’ve got that out of the way I guess I should say what’s been keeping me busy today in the Outreach team. Well it started off relatively quite. A departmental meeting highlight Lincoln’s achievement of entering the top 50 within the Guardian’s university guide which you can see here. This of course is a great success and is something which I’m sure we’ll be showing off about for quite some time. Continue reading

The Outreach Team go live!!!!

I am Hannah and I have to confess, I am new to both blogging and the Higher Education industry, so be nice!

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Having experienced a taste of unemployment, I feel very lucky to have been given the chance to be a part of lots of different departments and gain new skills over the year’s internship. But, essentially, for me it’s not about luck but taking opportunities as they present themselves and hopefully making the best of them. Continue reading