I’m (Matt) starting this blog a bit unsure about what exactly to write about. This is simply because I have been out of the office all day at a training event. This training was titled ‘Introduction to Internships’, and acted as way of being able to utilise the most out of the internship. This was the first out of many that we will be taking which has been a nice, unexpected surprise about working in this role.

Knowing exactly what you can get out of an internship is unbelievably rewarding, much like knowing what you will be getting out of any job. Normally this would have to be self assessed which can be taxing (no pun intended there on the income tax advert) and you just end up working through your contract. Or your manager will create some form of target spreadsheet which they feel is rewarding but you don’t as you personally haven’t produced it. This training on the other hand had a far more relaxed environment, this then meant that we could personalise our own targets and what we want to achieve by the end of the 12 months with the assistance of more senior members within the University from a range of departments.

It was an eye-opener to truly see what routes lay at the end of the 12 months for graduate employability. Knowing that we won’t simply be left to fend for ourselves when the 12 months are over to try and find a new job which many other internships do if there isn’t a direct role for them to progress into. This knowledge makes it far more reassuring, so that we probably won’t end up back in unemployment (fingers crossed at least).

There was a slight issue with the training today…. the room we were all in was freezing and there was no way of accessing the air-con to turn to it off. It’s a little thing but that matters to some people and all I can think about is that I was chilly throughout the day.

– Matt.

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