Birmingham travels

A montage of Birmingham

Well, this is definitely long over due! Just over a month ago, Hannah and I went to Birmingham for a few days to attend some Higher Education events – we were there representing the University, informing prospective students about all of our courses, handing out prospectus’ and generally promoting ourselves!  This is what happened: Continue reading


It’s Been A While

 Well it’s been quite some time since I last  wrote a blog here but with various different commitments floating around I’ve been out of the office quite a bit recently. Today has been a relatively slow day, but that’s only to be expected as it’s the summer period and sixth formers are nervously waiting for their A-Level results. The Olympics have of course been a popular discussion around the office as everyone has been supporting the GB team through all their events.

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Stress = Success?!

Can you turn stress into success? Apparently you can, if you improve your resilience to life’s challenges.

Work, stress, Home, stress…..

I went on Turn your stress into Success training yesterday afternoon and really enjoyed it. I definitely think this is an area of our lives that we all need to get better at tackling, so it was relevant to everyone. Continue reading

Alone in Admissions….

Summer…..about time!

Finally, summer seems to have arrived! I wish I had more opportunity to enjoy it!

I am sure you will have gathered that I have been loaned out to the Admissions department for the run up to clearing. And, on top of that, this week I am all alone as the rest of my team are out of the office for various reasons. So all change again! Continue reading

Back to School!

Back to School… Nicola went back to her TEFL teaching roots and taught a day of Summer Camp at The University of Lincoln!

Hello bloggers!

It’s been a while since I blogged and this will be a really speedy one as I’m off to a whole day of Intern training in a few minutes. But I wanted to squeeze in a brief little blog because from tomorrow I will be out of the office for two weeks on my summer holiday woohooo! Northern Spain here I come. PLEASE let the sun shine and the blue skies rule, I can’t wait to leave this horrible English drizzle behind. I will try and bring the sunshine back with me!!

This week I found myself returning to the English Language classroom. On Monday I covered one day of the University’s Nanchang Summer Camp. It was fantastic to be back in the classroom teaching young adults, they were so sweet and really, really chatty. Unfortunately they were freezing and unhappy with this English ‘summer’ weather. I apologised for the rain and crossed my fingers that the sun would shine for them at some point. Although they will always be cold because they’ve come from about 34oC in China! Continue reading

Undergraduate Open Day – the verdict.


A very satisfied (slightly exaggerated) audience


Well, this is my first day back in the office in what feels like AGES. I’ve just got back from Latitude Festival – I had an amazing few days seeing some fantastic live music, comedy, poetry and theatre. Four loads of washing later and I think I have just about got rid of the mud out of my clothes! So now it’s back to reality… Continue reading

All change!


It feels like forever since I’ve had chance to blog. I have been on annual leave and before that attending events. The time is flying past and I can’t believe it is into July! I do have some pictures from mine and Emma’s Birmingham events that I will endeavour to upload very soon along with a detailed account of our trip! Sufficed to say it was very enjoyable, tiring, lot of talking and smiling and driving!!! Continue reading

NASMA Conference at the Hilton in Liverpool!

The Hilton Hotel Liverpool – Our home for 3 days!

Hello bloggers!

Nicola and Emma here!

We have finally returned to The University of Lincoln after a whole load of busy days filled with external Uni events and the NASMA conference! What’s NASMA you might ask?? NASMA is the National Association of Student Money Advisers they are the leading authority on all matters relating to student advice and funding. As we are all new to the world of student money advice it was great to become members and attend their three day conference in Liverpool. Continue reading