Stress = Success?!

Can you turn stress into success? Apparently you can, if you improve your resilience to life’s challenges.

Work, stress, Home, stress…..

I went on Turn your stress into Success training yesterday afternoon and really enjoyed it. I definitely think this is an area of our lives that we all need to get better at tackling, so it was relevant to everyone.

“Inside of a ring or out, ain’t nothing wrong with going down. It’s staying down that’s wrong.” (Muhammad Ali)

It came at the perfect time for me, I think once you have been in a job role for a certain length of time people forget that you might not yet know everything, and you feel like you can’t keep asking because you should now be as capable as your colleagues. Unfortunately, on to add to that, with this position being fixed term we also have to consider where we want to be going next, hence the Career meetings (which I blogged about yesterday and will hopefully have a lot more of before the end of March). The thought of job hunting…..stress, stress, stress.

Or, perhaps not…….


On the training we were essentially attempting to get to know ourselves better in order to really recognise what makes us feel like we are losing control and becoming overwhelmed. I understand that training like this has its limitations, there are certain things that are just beyond our control but from another perspective, it was actually really useful and insightful.

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” (Churchill)

Do you know how you would score in a resilience test? I now do. And some of the results took me by surprise……

Out of these seven areas:

Impulse Control,

Realistic Optimism,


Causal Analysis,

Reaching Out ,


&   Emotion Regulation.

I scored average in 4, above in 2 and below in one.

Do you know whether your deep-rooted belief systems are:

Achievement oriented?
Acceptance oriented?
Control orient?

Scarily, I think mine are all three

Do you know what you do to calm and focus your mind when you are starting to feel it’s all getting too much?

I am going to try the breathing techniques and the imaginary catastrophe scale. It does help put things in perspective and it also makes me smile.

And, finally, did you know that research has shown that laughing increases blood flow, reduces the risk or heart attacks and strokes and increases life span by up to 4.5 year…..or so the statistics say.


More importantly life’s too short not to enjoy it.


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