Gearing up for September

The beautiful Olympic opening ceremony

So, Olympic fever has taken over the entire country and I for one am completely obsessed. What an amazing couple of weeks! I want everyone to be this proud of ‘GB‘ all the time, let’s hope it lasts!

Gold medals galore & some Olympic nail art!

During the day when I’m not glued to the telly I have been busy busy in the Student Support Centre & the Marketing office. As you all know, Hannah is currently working in the Admissions department, also, Matt is now on holiday and Nic has just returned from hers, so the team has been a bit disjointed. However, Nic and I are really excited to have Hannah back next week after she finishes her 4 week project with Admissions – we love working together as a team and have missed her lots.

Having a lot of time in Student Support has been a great chance to get some more hands on experience dealing with funding issues, I’ve been talking to prospective students on the phone & answering their emails a lot. But as well as this, Helen has been letting me get involved with the applications to the University’s Hardship Fund & see how the American loan systems work for our students who are from the USA. All very interesting, admittedly a lot to take in, but I’m always willing to learn & add to my tool kit!

So, next Thursday is a date that is in a lot of people’s diaries – 16th August, A Level results day! Universities will be preparing themselves for the clearing process & finalising all their figures ready for September. We are playing a role in the clearing process, something that needs to be finalised but we are all looking forward to getting stuck in. It’ll be an incredibly busy but exciting time that’ll lead us nicely into Fresher’s Week when the real fun starts….

Some happy A Level students

All new and returning students need to be enrolled at some point during their first week back & we are helping this happen! I can remember enrolment being a really crazy, a bit scary but exciting part of your first year at University, so being a part of it as a member of staff will be great. During this week we will also be getting involved with Fresher’s Fair & National Student Finance Day on the 20th September. Thennnn we have an Open Day on the 29th! After that, as far as I’m aware, things will simmer down a little and we can return to normal, ish. Although I don’t really like normal, it’s great to be busy and to be getting involved with so many things. At the end of the day, this internship is designed to develop and enhance our employability so the more responsibility and experience we have, the better.

Freshers Fair!

This afternoon I am getting my creative hat on and designing a leaflet that we hope to get professionally printed and distributed across the University ready for the start of the academic year. I’m hoping during my lunch break I’ll be filled with inspiration for colour schemes, layouts & image ideas…. or just get too engrossed in my cheese & marmite bagel.

Next time I blog, the Olympics will be over and I will be very sad… but until then….. TEAM GB!


About Emma Norman

Emma is a twenty three year old University of Lincoln English graduate with a love for all things creative – frequently found in a field with a cider and a live band or two, she’s often considered a bit of a hippy.

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