Full steam ahead…

Good morning bloggers 🙂

Although it is a wet & miserable Friday, the campus has transformed into something a little more exciting than usual. The University is playing host to the National Fire and Rescue Challenge Competition – 130 teams from across the country are competing in a range of simulated rescues. As I type, I can see two men dangling from our office by some rope – beats the grey skies and muddy puddles! Nic and I are keen to get some photos, which we will of course share with you all…

Rescue teams dangling from our office!

Water rescue

National Fire & Rescue Challenge

Last week was A Level results day & our clearing centre opened their phone lines. Our role in the whole process was to telephone those students who had Lincoln as their insurance choice and support them through their decision process. Many were understandably confused & some had made their mind up already – whichever way the phone call ended it was great to know that they were about to embark on an amazing, exciting few years.

The University journey is only a few weeks away now…

Since then, our phones have been getting busier and the emails keep piling up – all the final preparations are being put into place & students (a lot of parents too!) are wanting to check that they are all set to go.

The week beginning 3rd September is the start of the Graduation ceremonies – which we will all have a role in. It’s one of the biggest weeks in the University’s calendar and we can’t wait to get stuck in. Working alongside the cathedral and castle will make a nice change from the office – fingers crossed for good weather!

Lincoln Cathedral – an amazing setting for our Graduation ceremonies

Photo time in the castle grounds

During that week we will also be working very hard ensuring our international students are on track with their visa applications. We will be running workshops to help them fill in their forms & making sure everything is posted correctly – a really, really important job and a bit scary too. One little mistake could have a massive consequence. No pressure there then…

Before the students get here & the academic year begins, we have a whole load of material to update and distribute. We have been redesigning all of our leaflets we hand out at open days, the posters by our main lecture theatres & our fees and funding presentation. We’re working to a tight deadline but with some hard work and multiple creative heads, we’ll be ready for the sudden influx of bodies on campus!

I am off to Paris next week (VERY excited) but until 4.30 (I love early home time on a Friday) I will be getting creative & trying not to get too distracted by the mass of Fire Fighters outside our window…


About Emma Norman

Emma is a twenty three year old University of Lincoln English graduate with a love for all things creative – frequently found in a field with a cider and a live band or two, she’s often considered a bit of a hippy.

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