NSMW13 Planning!

Hello, how are things?

As you know from Hannah’s previous post we, The Outreach Team, were selected by NASMA (National Association of Student Money Advisers) to be a Showcase Partner for National Student Money Week 2013.

Let’s hear a loud WAHOOOO for that!

National Student Money Week 2013 Showcase Partners

This was fantastic news especially as it started to generate interest in the event from other staff within the University. In fact the Vice Chancellor of the University Mary Stuart even contacted us to pass on her congratulations and best wishes for the event. It was great to get her support plus the other congratulations we received. The pressure’s on for creating an engaging and popular week especially as it’s a brand new event for the University; no-one has attempted to cover it before! Continue reading


National Student Money Week


Happy, Happy, Happy!

Ending the week on a high!

The Outreach Team have some exciting news about National Student Money Week (February 11th-15th)….The University of Lincoln has been chosen to be a showcase partner!


This is something we have been looking forward to and will be planning for from now until February. It is a really important week to dispel those Student Finance myths and ensure that students, parents, teachers, whoever have the correct information when considering or advising about University.

So put the dates in your diary and make sure you see if there is anything going on at a University near you and get involved!

Have a lovely weekend.