NSMW13 Planning!

Hello, how are things?

As you know from Hannah’s previous post we, The Outreach Team, were selected by NASMA (National Association of Student Money Advisers) to be a Showcase Partner for National Student Money Week 2013.

Let’s hear a loud WAHOOOO for that!

National Student Money Week 2013 Showcase Partners

This was fantastic news especially as it started to generate interest in the event from other staff within the University. In fact the Vice Chancellor of the University Mary Stuart even contacted us to pass on her congratulations and best wishes for the event. It was great to get her support plus the other congratulations we received. The pressure’s on for creating an engaging and popular week especially as it’s a brand new event for the University; no-one has attempted to cover it before!

At the moment we have got a good outline for the week. We are making sure that we use the big calendar events which happen on some of the days to provide catchy themes (e.g. Pancake Day will be a food themed day).

Here’s a sneak peak of what we have got planned (with a couple of our poster attempts) for all of our blogging readers:

MONDAY 11th FEB ~ Chinese New Year Themed Red Letter Day

One of our posters advertising the Monday of National Student Money Week.

TUESDAY 12th FEB ~ Pancake/Food themed Day (encouraging students to cook/bake, share food, shop cheaply etc.)

WEDNESDAY 13th FEB ~ Clothes Swap (encouraging students to shop cheaply, swap clothes, use charity shops/2nd hand shops, a pro-vintage day)

One of our posters advertising the Wednesday Clothes Swap event of National Student Money Week.

THURSDAY 14th FEB ~ Valentine’s D.I.Y. Day (encouraging students to make their own v’day cards and gifts to save money, a big D.I.Y. day)

One of our posters advertising the Thursday Valentine’s D.I.Y Day of National Student Money Week.

FRIDAY 15th FEB ~ Q&A Day (any questions students have about student finance and the support the Uni gives will hopefully be answered during a live Q&A…this is not definite yet)

We will have one permanent base in the University each day of the week. On noticeboards and TV screens we plan to have lots of other student finance information, budgeting tips, useful money management websites, cooking demos etc.

That’s the week so far, in brief.

Tons of people have been contacted, hopefully to secure their support for all the different activities. We had a brilliant meeting with Amy from the University’s Events Team. She gave us loads of tips and advice on running a large scale event. It looks like we have the Uni’s fab Students Union on board for the Clothes Swap. We have also got some positive feedback from a local cupcake maker. We’d like her to come in and demonstrate how easy it is to make your own cheap cakes. Plus we’re in the process of contacting a local knitting teacher who we want to visit on our Valentine’s D.I.Y. day to encourage more money saving D.I.Y ideas. We’re still trying to get the Universities Web team on board with the Live Q&A idea, fingers crossed that can happen.

It’s all go, go, go at the moment! So. Much. To. Do. Good job it’s in February.

That’s all for today folks.

Keep checking back for more of our National Student Money Week updates.


About Nicola Fletcher

Nicola graduated from Liverpool John Moores University in 2007. Since then she has traveled South-East Asia, studied for a CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification in Vietnam, taught English in Taiwan for just over two years and explored the majority of South America by land. Nicola has recently completed a year as a graduate intern at The University of Lincoln. The internship was based in Student Support and she worked with the Funding and Advice Teams as well as the wider Student Support Department; providing advice & guidance to current and prospective students on a range of issues. Alongside her Outreach colleagues Hannah & Emma, she planned and managed the University's first ever National Student Money Week as well as setting up social media for the service. Nicola is originally from black pudding Bury, Greater Manchester. She thoroughly enjoys cooking and eating as much new food as possible. Returning home to England has made her realise that she needs to start exploring more of the UK, preferably in a bright blue VW camper-van.

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