Back in business…

Wow, it has been a long time since we last blogged, sorry! With the excitement of Christmas & the New Year, time has run away from us.

Following on from our last post, since then we have had a huge amount of snow, like most of the country did! Wellies, hats and scarves became ordinary items of my work outfits and the campus looked beautiful. Here are a couple of snaps…

Ice, ice, swan?

Ice, ice, swan?

Now the snow has melted & Christmas/New Year seems a distant memory, it’s time to power on with National Student Money Week plans with full force. The week is just around the corner & we are doing everything we can to get as many people aware of it as possible. Posters and flyers are all over campus & we have just recorded some radio packages to go out on our station, Siren FM. Check out updates from us and other universities here .

A recent development in our plans is that other events are taking place during the same week, these are Go Green Week and Student Volunteer Week. One of our students has created an amazing poster advertising the events taking place across all three campaigns, check it out:

Go Green Week main poster

In the brief moments we aren’t knee deep in NSMW plans, we have been cracking on with normal Student Support duties including visa applications & funding queries. We have also just set up a Twitter account & have been updating our Facebook as much as possible. Give them a like & a follow!

Keep checking our pages for updates regarding National Student Money Week & everything Student Support related 🙂


About Emma Norman

Emma is a twenty three year old University of Lincoln English graduate with a love for all things creative – frequently found in a field with a cider and a live band or two, she’s often considered a bit of a hippy.

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