A year has flown by!


It’s arrived, the final month of our internship and I have great news to share! If you’ve been wondering where Hannah and Emma have disappeared to well, they only went and landed two fantastically-exciting new jobs! Woohoo! 

Hannah is now a Disability Officer at the University of Derby and Emma is an Alumni and Development Officer at London South Bank University. How fab is that?! Hannah and Emma started applying for positions in December and they both received a couple of interview requests (excellent news). They both went on to secure positions in areas that they’re both really interested in. Emma even managed to get offered two jobs in one day! So, a graduate internship does look good, despite challenges along the way and the role often going in directions we didn’t know it would (or necessary want it to – Hannah working in Admissions for 2 months comes to mind) it has paid off in the end!

Congratulations to Hannah and Emma on their new jobs!

Congratulations to Hannah and Emma on their new jobs!

Hannah worked for quite a few years in the care industry before taking up this internship at the University of Lincoln (read about that here) and she really wanted to combine the two areas by working for a university’s disability service. Unfortunately we were all unable to gain experience working with the University of Lincoln’s Disability Service during our year as interns. The good news is that this didn’t stop Hannah securing the role she really wanted at the University of Derby and I wish her all the best!

Congrats to Hannah in her role at the University of Derby.

Congrats to Hannah in her role at the University of Derby.

Emma really wanted to move to London, she has lived in Lincoln for five years after all! She was definitely ready for a change and she couldn’t have got a job nearer the centre of London if she tried! Good luck Emma! Alumni & Development Officer sounds really exciting; creating new ideas and developing a service for students are two areas we were all keen on throughout our year at the University of Lincoln.

Congrats to Emma getting a job at London South Bank University.

Congrats to Emma getting a job at London South Bank University.

Despite being Student Support Interns we were unable to shadow and work with all of the Student Support Services (Disability, English Language Centre, Counselling, Reception Front-line and Chaplaincy). This is something we have all mentioned before in previous blogs (and of course in meetings). We had hoped that at some point during the internship we would have had the opportunity to gain experience right across the Support Services (through work shadowing or assisting with service development), especially as there has been four of us based in the Advice/Funding Services for the whole year. However this was not possible but we have passed our thoughts on to the Graduate Internship programme, to members of staff in Student Support and during exit interviews. Hopefully the internship will improve for the next two interns that I think will start in June (good luck to them too). 


That leaves me, all alone in the Student Support Centre ;-). I miss Hannah and Emma a lot, it’s strange being the last one of us left when we’ve worked together for the whole year on the same projects. I am really happy that they both got job offers as quickly as they did. It’s a really good advert for doing an internship, despite some cons, (not just for recent graduates but for people who want to retrain/change career just like Hannah and I have).

I’m manning the Outreach Team enquiries, social media and supporting the International Advice Team all by myself! I  only started to apply for jobs in January. I’ve had one interview so far and it was actually for the first application I completed (I was SO happy about that, that would not have happened a year ago).  I’m still waiting to hear back from a couple of other applications I’ve completed, fingers crossed! At least this means I’ll get to finish the whole internship year and fully complete all of my project work.


At the moment I’ve got a couple of projects I want to get finished before my time at the University of Lincoln is over. For the last few months I’ve been working closely with the University’s Mental Health Advisor Carol. We’ve been designing a wellbeing website called Mindlincs after receiving feedback from students during a number of awareness raising events including World Mental Health Day 2012 and National Student Money Week 2013. Students raised the issue of needing an anonymous place for them to go to gain information and help regarding a wide range of wellbeing issues. They also indicated that they wanted a place to gain self-help ideas and to know what options they have when seeking support. I’ve really enjoyed developing the website with Carol as I’m always keen to create new ways of supporting students, with a particular interest in using web based technologies to do so. The Mindlincs project also appealed to me because I believe it’s an essential step in the development of the support services at the University and it’s also incredibly important to use Mindlincs as a way of dispelling the myths surrounding mental health.

The other project I’m working on is putting together some useful feedback about National Student Money Week. I blogged about the events and everything else that happened in the week here. I also want to leave as much helpful information as I can for the next interns who will be running the event in 2014. Plus, I would like to give the University some feedback about the pros and cons of organising a new event. Hopefully the feedback I put together will make it easier for future members of staff to run events at the University of Lincoln.

In addition to this throughout the year Emma, Hannah and I talked about the pros and cons of being an intern and also the good and bad points from this year. We’ve always meant to post this info in a blog and I definitely plan on doing just that at some point! From looking at the Site Stats for this blog I know a lot of people visit us by searching ‘intern’ ‘internship’ ‘trainee’ etc. therefore I really hope any feedback we give about being interns for a year will be useful to you.

The pros & cons of being an intern....coming soon to this blog!

The pros & cons of being an intern….coming soon to this blog!

Anyway I best get on with it! I’ll keep you updated throughout my final month at the University of Lincoln plus when Mindlincs is officially up and running I’ll get the link posted on here so that you can check it out.

Enjoy your week 🙂



About Nicola Fletcher

Nicola graduated from Liverpool John Moores University in 2007. Since then she has traveled South-East Asia, studied for a CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification in Vietnam, taught English in Taiwan for just over two years and explored the majority of South America by land. Nicola has recently completed a year as a graduate intern at The University of Lincoln. The internship was based in Student Support and she worked with the Funding and Advice Teams as well as the wider Student Support Department; providing advice & guidance to current and prospective students on a range of issues. Alongside her Outreach colleagues Hannah & Emma, she planned and managed the University's first ever National Student Money Week as well as setting up social media for the service. Nicola is originally from black pudding Bury, Greater Manchester. She thoroughly enjoys cooking and eating as much new food as possible. Returning home to England has made her realise that she needs to start exploring more of the UK, preferably in a bright blue VW camper-van.

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