Emma – from student to employee

About to embark on life as a graduate!

As a student in Lincoln I only really saw one side of life at a university. I did spend a year working within the Students Union and helped out at various events – but other than that I lived in my student bubble, happily bobbing along taking the flow of university life for granted. So when this position became available I was immediately interested – to find out how an organisation like this functions fascinated me. Plus, working for such a high rising institution makes me feel very proud!

Making that jump from a student to an employee was one I was waiting for and keen to find out more about. I was very used to the clear line between student and staff – I was fortunate and had a brilliant bunch of tutors who I felt I could talk to comfortably, but I know that as a student you just wouldn’t stroll into someone’s office for a chat. Now that I work here, I have met so many new faces and ones that I had recognised as a student but didn’t know who they were.

Education has always been a big part of my life so to be able to work for an institution that prides itself with a consistently rising standard of learning is amazing. I love being able to support our students before, during and after their degrees & work alongside a great, very big, team.

I have to admit, a little bit of a jealousy has cropped up here and there. Working at events with huddles of excited sixth form students who are deciding whether to spend the next few years at University fills me with a bit of the green eyed monster. I’ve found myself saying ‘I want to do that course!’ and wishing I had really, honestly and truly appreciated every aspect of being a student, because lets face it, it really is the best experience! I’m sure Fresher’s Week is going to bring back a lot of memories – this year’s intake is my little sister’s age group, so I will probably feel a bit old too, she’s still 5 in my head! Having been there myself and knowing how scary the first few weeks can be will hopefully help me provide the most support I possibly can for our new students.

I think it’s fair to say that the part of me that was a student has disappeared now – something I will always treasure but something long gone. I am incredibly excited to embark on my working life – wherever that may take me.

Proud to call this my workplace


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