A happy photo with lots of memories!

Hannah is a twenty-five year old English and American Literature graduate. She was a student at Kent University and spent a year abroad in South Carolina. Before the internship she had worked and volunteered in the care industry for various providers since the age of sixteen caring for children and young people with complex health and behavioural needs. She met a lot of amazing, inspiring people and the experiences have given her a new outlook on life.

Her most memorable roles included volunteering for Kent Kids Miles of Smiles, a beautiful children’s home for mentally and physically disabled children and key working for the National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy,  learning so much from and getting to know so much about the students she was supporting; They still have the power to bring a smile.

The internship is a move away from care as despite still maintaining a huge passion for the industry she wanted a new challenge. The University of Lincoln Student Affairs role will allow her to gain new skills in many different areas whilst still utilising her desire to work with and for young people.

Miles of Smiles!

Hannah is also a keen writer and is currently working on a fictional novel. She is undertaking a British Sign Language Level One, which she hopes to take further and would love to continue her studies with an Open University course.

As a child she lived in Seattle and hopes that one day she will get the chance to move back and experience it all through adult eyes as Starbucks, peanut butter and Cheetos still bring all the memories flooding back but don’t really scream sophistication!

The Seattle Space Needle


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