Matt is a twenty three year old Contemporary Lens Media graduate from Lincoln. Originating from a small town in Kent, Matt didn’t mind moving far for university and has never looked back as he has come to enjoy city life. Matt is an extremely creative person, studying art throughout school, he went on to complete a Foundation diploma in art at the prestigious University of Creative Arts in Canterbury. Fine Art and painting wasn’t however where Matt’s ambitions lay and instead he moved into lens based media, more specifically filmmaking and photography.

Matt has since become an independent filmmaker (although he still dedicates time to his photography). His work ranges from short films to documentaries to music/promo videos. Matt moved to Bristol after completing university to try and break into the media industry, though due to cut backs and the poor economic climate he was unsuccessful in receiving any paid work (although some interesting unpaid work did arise). Alas Matt chose to move back to Lincoln to try and gain more transferable skills other than film related ones.

Having worked as a student ambassador whilst studying at Lincoln, Matt saw a natural progression into the support network at the University and thus when the internship came up he went for it. The transferable skill set which Matt feels are valuable to his passion (filmmaking) involve marketing knowledge (for freelancing), communication amongst external businesses and further developing his team role skills. It does become a bonus when other departments take advantage of Matt’s artistic flair and ask him to design posters and photograph various tutors and buildings for the University’s publications.

Matt still continues filmmaking in his spare time, writing scripts for shorts as well as working on a feature film. Matt is a co-founder and head editor for The Focus Project, where he writes a weekly film blog. He also has recently entered the world or viral sketches and is one of the co-founders and head directors of The Tube Of Doom.


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