Happy Friday!

The latest, very cute, additions to the Brayford Campus

Happy Friday fellow bloggers!

I’m Emma & this is my first blog – if you fancy getting to know a little more about me, you can see my profile here

I’m going to start from the very beginning; following my graduation a stint of unemployment was thrown upon me – a massive shock to the system. I had been naive about my life post university & was happily unaware of what was to come. After the excitement of summer & graduation in September, reality started to kick in. By this point I had lost count how many applications I had sent out & had begun to think being employed was an unrealistic dream. Which is why today, sitting at my desk at the end of a great week, I feel incredibly lucky.

I’ve always said I wanted a job where I was met with something different each day and this is exactly what has happened. In just 7 weeks I have been able to get hands on with a huge variety of stuff  – this week has been no exception. Continue reading