It’s over & out for National Student Money Week 2013

National Student Money Week has been and gone for 2013. Woo! Sob! After months of planning, promoting and printing, the week happened without a hitch *breathes a sigh of relief*.

National Student Money Week 2013

National Student Money Week 2013

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Following on from Emma’s post Dispelling the myths of Student Finance‘ the Outreach Team are busy putting together project to (hopefully) do just that!

Money Matters

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Dispelling the myths of Student Finance

So Fresher’s week is over, everyone is settling into University life and Autumn is well and truly here. This time of year sees the start of Open Days and UCAS applications, the University cycle is starting again! With this in mind, we want to get the facts straight and make sure everyone has all they need to know about Student Finance. The £9,000 fees make it even more important to spread the word and dispel the myths – a lot of people are put off by the big figures and the ‘debt’ they’ll be in when they leave University. We really don’t want this to happen, everyone can go to University if they want to… Continue reading

Thousands Turn Out For University Open Day!

The University of Lincoln

On Saturday Emma, Matt and I attended our second University of Lincoln Open Day. We were in charge of the Student Support stand as well as the Student Finance presentations. The last Open Day we took part in was on a Wednesday, it was busy but not as busy as a Saturday!!!

The University’s September Open Day was an incredibly busy day. The campus was full of really enthusiastic prospective students.

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Money, money, money!

Think Tank

Hello blogging world, I have returned from Northern Spain and it appears the sun has finally followed me back to the flat lands of Lincolnshire.

As you know I am a Student Support Intern and I predominantly help students get their heads around all of the changes happening in the world of student finance (not an easy thing, it’s a complicated world). Continue reading

NASMA Conference at the Hilton in Liverpool!

The Hilton Hotel Liverpool – Our home for 3 days!

Hello bloggers!

Nicola and Emma here!

We have finally returned to The University of Lincoln after a whole load of busy days filled with external Uni events and the NASMA conference! What’s NASMA you might ask?? NASMA is the National Association of Student Money Advisers they are the leading authority on all matters relating to student advice and funding. As we are all new to the world of student money advice it was great to become members and attend their three day conference in Liverpool. Continue reading

Busy bee (and COME ON ENGLAND)!

EURO 2012 excitement!

Hello everybody it’s Nicola joining you on this Friday afternoon.

I just had a mini panic because I realised I hadn’t written today’s blog, I was leaving it until nearer 5pm (when we normally finish) BUT as it’s Friday we finish at 4.30pm. EEK and it’s now 4.10pm so I best get on with it!!

Today started with a really useful one-to-one meeting with my manager. As interns and as new University employees we have to have a meeting every couple of weeks to check that everything has been going ok.

After that I had a day of general student finance emails and enquiries mixed in with some brief telephone calls. This was great, they do make the day fly by!

I’ve also been editing some of the slides for our fees and funding open day talk. Plus, I’ve been making some handy info sheets to have ready when someone calls about a particular problem.

I’m now officially a Walk the World team member WOOHOO. Emma and Hannah have blogged about this before. We are in teams and we wear pedometers to count how many steps we walk in a day. It’s a competition between people all around the world. So, I need to get around to inputting all my steps onto the website.

Hannah has been on annual leave today and she’s off on Monday too, I’m jealous of her lovely long weekend. Emma and Matt went on an event to West Notts College in Mansfield today. This was a mixture of student finance talks and a University of Lincoln information stand. That’s the first of MANY events we have over the next few weeks….we’ll soon see how this blog copes with us out of the office all the time!

The excitement is building…a little… in the office for tonight’s England game. Fingers crossed we win but after the depressing events of the World Cup a few years back, I’ve lost all hope really. IF we get out of the group stage then I’ll start to get a bit more excited. Sorry! Although I’m predicting a 2-1 win with Welbeck scoring both (says the Man United fan in me).

Ok have a wonderful weekend everyone. Lets hope this stormy weather GOES AWAY!


Read Matt’s previous post here.

November weather in June!


Today I, Hannah am in Student Support, however, we are going to write another mash up blog as we’ve been quite busy.

This morning sees another day of November weather in June, my fingers are blue!!! Having said that we have a day of all sorts scheduled including a communications project, an intern lunch and continued work on our fees and funding presentation!

November weather in JUNE! We are not happy!

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Fees and Funding Friday!

The University of Lincoln – Architecture Building

Hello blogging world!

I’ve (Nicola) taken on today’s Outreach blog because Matt (today’s official blogger) is on holiday.

As you know we’ve been working really hard to design posters advertising the University’s open day. We have thoroughly enjoyed this project, it’s been a lot of work (we’ve produced about 50 posters in Photoshop) but it has been a fun project. The official deadline for the posters was today and we have completed them. However we’ve just found out that the posters will no longer be used next week. Continue reading

Double dose!

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday – we were here there and everywhere. So today’s blog is coming from two interns… first up it’s Emma!

Hope everyone enjoyed their long Jubilee weekend 🙂 Yesterday was full of all things Student Support – I had my first taste of dealing with a large amount of enquiries by myself! I have taken phone calls and emails before, but this was a whole new experience, running from the phone, to the front desk and back to my desk again really tested my juggling skills. With a little bit of team work between myself and Helen, the student funding adviser, we kept control of the office. All good fun though and very good practice for when our new set of students arrive in September! In the midst of this madness, myself and Nicola gave a prospective student a campus tour – thankfully the weather held out and we had some sunshine! It was a great chance to talk one on one to a student, answer their questions and of course, show off our lovely campus! Continue reading