Festival of Light 2012

Hello blogging world it’s been a while! It’s Nicola here.

You’ve got 2 blogs today because I wrote this one in the Student Support Centre and Matt wrote the previous one in the Marketing Department and we didn’t know we were both blogging! So 2 blogs for the price of one…

Olympic Torch 2012 – It travels to Lincoln today!

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Lots To Do

So it has been quite some time since I last wrote a blog here. This has mainly because due to events and days off I haven’t spent a long time in the office. So I suppose I best give an update on what I have been getting up to. I have been out and about attending events in Scunthorpe for Higher Education evening at colleges, as well as manning the Student Affairs stand (along with Emma) during the post-graduate open day. The first event was really quite busy, handing out dozens of prospectuses left, right and centre. It was quite an eye-opening to realise how much detailed knowledge about each course the marketing department know (Gareth from marketing attended this event with us), and how much we really are going to have learn when we start attending the larger HE and UCAS fairs across the country.

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July next week? Already!!!

Fees and Funding


Nicola and I are back in the office! If only briefly! The week promises more events, driving around the country and bringing the delights of Lincoln and the University to prospective students.

I have really enjoyed the last week, despite being tiring and long it was nice to take some responsibility and have the freedom and independence to utilise the new knowledge and skills we have gained over the last two months.

Today is busy and therefore my post will have to be brief, I hope that after the rush I can sit down and reflect on the past few days and write a much more comprehensive account of the events that we attended. Continue reading

A quick Outreach update…


The general mood in Lincoln today!



Hello! Emma here, blogging from a VERY wet Lincoln. I’m the only one in the office this morning so I thought I’d treat you all to a blog.

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Thinking of things to come…..

Where you want to be?

Hello!- I’m back! Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend and making the most of the beautiful June weather, apparently we have one more day of sunshine before the rain!

This is, again, only a fleeting post as I have just got in from an event and am out all week with Marketing and my team members attending external UCAS events and representing the University.
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Happy Monday!

Taking calls like a pro

Hello bloggers – hope you are easing into the working week nicely 🙂

Today, like most days recently, has been a nice mixture of duties! Hannah is away on annual leave today, so the Outreach Team are one down. We really should start getting used to this as the next few weeks are full of events & holidays – but I still find it strange being one member less than usual. Continue reading

Busy bee (and COME ON ENGLAND)!

EURO 2012 excitement!

Hello everybody it’s Nicola joining you on this Friday afternoon.

I just had a mini panic because I realised I hadn’t written today’s blog, I was leaving it until nearer 5pm (when we normally finish) BUT as it’s Friday we finish at 4.30pm. EEK and it’s now 4.10pm so I best get on with it!!

Today started with a really useful one-to-one meeting with my manager. As interns and as new University employees we have to have a meeting every couple of weeks to check that everything has been going ok.

After that I had a day of general student finance emails and enquiries mixed in with some brief telephone calls. This was great, they do make the day fly by!

I’ve also been editing some of the slides for our fees and funding open day talk. Plus, I’ve been making some handy info sheets to have ready when someone calls about a particular problem.

I’m now officially a Walk the World team member WOOHOO. Emma and Hannah have blogged about this before. We are in teams and we wear pedometers to count how many steps we walk in a day. It’s a competition between people all around the world. So, I need to get around to inputting all my steps onto the website.

Hannah has been on annual leave today and she’s off on Monday too, I’m jealous of her lovely long weekend. Emma and Matt went on an event to West Notts College in Mansfield today. This was a mixture of student finance talks and a University of Lincoln information stand. That’s the first of MANY events we have over the next few weeks….we’ll soon see how this blog copes with us out of the office all the time!

The excitement is building…a little… in the office for tonight’s England game. Fingers crossed we win but after the depressing events of the World Cup a few years back, I’ve lost all hope really. IF we get out of the group stage then I’ll start to get a bit more excited. Sorry! Although I’m predicting a 2-1 win with Welbeck scoring both (says the Man United fan in me).

Ok have a wonderful weekend everyone. Lets hope this stormy weather GOES AWAY!


Read Matt’s previous post here.

A Mixed Bag

I’m finally back writing my blog, (its Matt in case you didn’t know). After going home on my holiday leave and then suffering from a stomach bug for a few days I have returned to the office. Today has been more relaxed than usual but nonetheless a busy day in the Student Support Centre. It appears that the day has become busier as it goes by. Having the general check of emails when coming in this morning and catching up with a back log of NASMA emails to browse through we all awaited our training booked in for today.
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November weather in June!


Today I, Hannah am in Student Support, however, we are going to write another mash up blog as we’ve been quite busy.

This morning sees another day of November weather in June, my fingers are blue!!! Having said that we have a day of all sorts scheduled including a communications project, an intern lunch and continued work on our fees and funding presentation!

November weather in JUNE! We are not happy!

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Four become Two!

Our ideal audience setting

Hello from the last two standing!! The office has been struck by illness and Nicola and Matt have been taken down — we hope they’ll be back soon but for now you have Hannah and Emma- again! We’re sorry we didn’t manage to blog yesterday but we were in and out of the office and unexpectedly a team member short. Continue reading