Pros & Cons of an Internship…

internship over & out copy

As the end of our internship is here we thought we’d provide a little summary of the pros and cons of being a graduate intern through our eyes. We decided to do this for a couple of reasons…

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A year has flown by!


It’s arrived, the final month of our internship and I have great news to share! If you’ve been wondering where Hannah and Emma have disappeared to well, they only went and landed two fantastically-exciting new jobs! Woohoo! 

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It’s over & out for National Student Money Week 2013

National Student Money Week has been and gone for 2013. Woo! Sob! After months of planning, promoting and printing, the week happened without a hitch *breathes a sigh of relief*.

National Student Money Week 2013

National Student Money Week 2013

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NSMW13 Planning!

Hello, how are things?

As you know from Hannah’s previous post we, The Outreach Team, were selected by NASMA (National Association of Student Money Advisers) to be a Showcase Partner for National Student Money Week 2013.

Let’s hear a loud WAHOOOO for that!

National Student Money Week 2013 Showcase Partners

This was fantastic news especially as it started to generate interest in the event from other staff within the University. In fact the Vice Chancellor of the University Mary Stuart even contacted us to pass on her congratulations and best wishes for the event. It was great to get her support plus the other congratulations we received. The pressure’s on for creating an engaging and popular week especially as it’s a brand new event for the University; no-one has attempted to cover it before! Continue reading

Advice, Guidance & Funding Facebook Page

Check out the new Advice, Guidance & Funding Page!

Hello WordPress World!

Just a quick note to say that Emma, Hannah and I have finally been able to set up a Facebook page for the Advice, Guidance and Funding teams based in Student Support.

You can find it here:

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Thousands Turn Out For University Open Day!

The University of Lincoln

On Saturday Emma, Matt and I attended our second University of Lincoln Open Day. We were in charge of the Student Support stand as well as the Student Finance presentations. The last Open Day we took part in was on a Wednesday, it was busy but not as busy as a Saturday!!!

The University’s September Open Day was an incredibly busy day. The campus was full of really enthusiastic prospective students.

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The University of Lincoln’s graduation ceremonies are taking place this week.

Here’s a quick mini blog to say HELLO The Outreach Team is alive but we are super busy at the moment. It’s a really hectic time for the Higher Education world at the moment, from the end of August until the end of October…possibly November we will be in and out of the office working on different projects all of which revolve around the new academic year starting. Continue reading

It’s that time of year…

It’s that time of year again….archiving!

Good afternoon world!

Here’s a brief little insight into our hot and sweaty (yuck) afternoon…

This afternoon the Outreach Team played a part in the Student Funding Team’s archiving! This happens once a year and it normally takes one person a whole day of mind-numbing work to get it done. So ‘tadaaaaar’ the Outreach Team (minus Hannah) helped out and it only took about an hour and a half! Continue reading

Money, money, money!

Think Tank

Hello blogging world, I have returned from Northern Spain and it appears the sun has finally followed me back to the flat lands of Lincolnshire.

As you know I am a Student Support Intern and I predominantly help students get their heads around all of the changes happening in the world of student finance (not an easy thing, it’s a complicated world). Continue reading

Back to School!

Back to School… Nicola went back to her TEFL teaching roots and taught a day of Summer Camp at The University of Lincoln!

Hello bloggers!

It’s been a while since I blogged and this will be a really speedy one as I’m off to a whole day of Intern training in a few minutes. But I wanted to squeeze in a brief little blog because from tomorrow I will be out of the office for two weeks on my summer holiday woohooo! Northern Spain here I come. PLEASE let the sun shine and the blue skies rule, I can’t wait to leave this horrible English drizzle behind. I will try and bring the sunshine back with me!!

This week I found myself returning to the English Language classroom. On Monday I covered one day of the University’s Nanchang Summer Camp. It was fantastic to be back in the classroom teaching young adults, they were so sweet and really, really chatty. Unfortunately they were freezing and unhappy with this English ‘summer’ weather. I apologised for the rain and crossed my fingers that the sun would shine for them at some point. Although they will always be cold because they’ve come from about 34oC in China! Continue reading