Pros & Cons of an Internship…

internship over & out copy

As the end of our internship is here we thought we’d provide a little summary of the pros and cons of being a graduate intern through our eyes. We decided to do this for a couple of reasons…

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A year has flown by!


It’s arrived, the final month of our internship and I have great news to share! If you’ve been wondering where Hannah and Emma have disappeared to well, they only went and landed two fantastically-exciting new jobs! Woohoo! 

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I’m an Intern……Get me out of Here!


I’m an Intern, get me out of here!

It might seem quite an extreme statement, however, myself, Emma & Nicola have recently been trying to build up our skill base by “getting” ourselves “out” of the office and on to training modules or involved in other activities. Continue reading

Varied to say the least!

Hello blogging world!

I’m Nicola and this is my first official blog post for The Outreach Intern Blog!

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A day as an Outreach Intern can vary a lot which is a really good thing. Over the past seven weeks I have helped at Applicant Call Back Days, worked at a Jobs and Careers Fair, attempted to decipher the benefits calculator, put together visa applications, designed funding leaflets for postgraduate students, took part in school visits, planned a radio broadcast, produced a presentation for undergraduate students and even attempted to ‘model’ in a photo shoot for the publications department. I’m really enjoying it; working within the University is very interesting and after a spell of unemployment I feel very lucky indeed. Continue reading