After a while of unemployment Hannah, Nic, Emma & Matt were thrown together not only as new interns but as a whole new department within The University of Lincoln. They were pleased to find out that they wouldn’t be starting alone and in fact they would be part of this new team.

Now you’re probably wondering what this department is called and why it was created. The name unfortunately is not that straightforward. Before they arrived they were given the attractive title of OAGS (confused on pronunciation?) this stood for Outreach, Advice and Guidance Service. The abbreviation didn’t go down too well with anyone (they’ve heard all the jokes) so they have been re-named The Outreach Team.

So, why has The Outreach Team been created?

One of their main aims is to give advice and guidance to prospective students regarding the changes to Student Finance happening in September 2012. 

However the role ranges from planning postgraduate fees and funding leaflets, working with the School Liaison’s Team, marketing the University through social media, presenting funding information at open days, helping students with their benefit calculations, supporting DART, producing posters, organising visa applications and even broadcasting a Student Support radio show on Siren FM. The list could go on but you will find out more from reading their daily blogs!

Hannah, Nic, Emma and Matt will be taking it in turns to write a blog each day throughout the year about their experiences as a University of Lincoln intern so you will see it from four different perspectives.



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