Writer’s Bridge at Latitude Festival



Emma is a twenty three year old University of Lincoln English graduate with a love for all things creative – frequently found in a field with a cider and a live band or two, she’s often considered a bit of a hippy.

Growing up in the sleepy countryside of Suffolk she made the move to Lincoln in 2007. She then spent three years immersing herself in piles of books, discovering a whole new world of literature beyond Shakespeare and also gave creative writing a shot – something that has stuck and become a permanent fixture of weekly activities.

While at university Emma took on the role of Features Editor for the university’s magazine, Bullet. She spent a year leading the Features team, creating articles covering everything from housing nightmares to travelling the globe – she even managed to land the opportunity to direct a naked photo shoot. Definitely one to remember.


Proud Lincoln Graduate


Emma has, like others, got many life plans and ambitions, usually taking the form of post- it notes scattered across her house. Seeing the world and taking photography classes are regulars – the more trivial new addition is cooking the perfect boiled egg and soldiers. Essential in her books.

But getting involved with as much as possible and taking on new opportunities is one that resides heavily on her to do list. Thus, this internship is perfect. Emma hopes this year will leave her armed with new skills and experiences giving her the best possible chance to continue her working life with great success.


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