Six more sleeps to go…..

It’s snowing on our blog, but sadly not outside, where did the wintry weather and hopes of a white Christmas go?

White Christmas

White Christmas

The University and Student Support Centre seem to get quieter each day and makes us all wish we were students again for the long holidays and time to catch up with friends and family. The Outreach Team all finish at different times for Christmas due to annual leave and toil. Nicola will be the only one on Friday so fingers crossed it goes quickly for her; perhaps she’ll get to go home early as a nice Christmas surprise?!!

Of course, we are continuing to work on National Student Money Week and have completed and ordered all of our resources ready for the New Year, so that’s exciting! Can’t wait to see them up around campus. That will definitely make it feel like the week is happening! We are also due to meet with the Reduction Manager at the University this week as the 11th-15th is a popular week for events; Volunteer week and Go Green week are also taking part in February, all the more reason to get involved!

Today myself, Emma and Nicola will get to experience Switchboard for the first time as we are covering for the Switchboard team for an hour over the lunch period. Nice to experience something different; hopefully it won’t be too busy with calls! I’m sure at times the phone is ringing constantly for them, however, as everyone prepares for the holidays I’m not sure calling the University will be top of their list.

Taking calls

Taking calls

From January the Outreach Team members will only have 3 months left so we will be all very busy applying for alternate roles. The job alerts are also slowing for the festive period, giving everyone chance to recharge their batteries and come back in the New Year with many resolutions and determination to make 2013 a year to remember.

I hope that it is for myself, Emma, Nicola and Matt. Fingers crossed! But for now:

Christmas Wishes


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