Fees and Funding Friday!

The University of Lincoln – Architecture Building

Hello blogging world!

I’ve (Nicola) taken on today’s Outreach blog because Matt (today’s official blogger) is on holiday.

As you know we’ve been working really hard to design posters advertising the University’s open day. We have thoroughly enjoyed this project, it’s been a lot of work (we’ve produced about 50 posters in Photoshop) but it has been a fun project. The official deadline for the posters was today and we have completed them. However we’ve just found out that the posters will no longer be used next week. Continue reading


Double dose!

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday – we were here there and everywhere. So today’s blog is coming from two interns… first up it’s Emma!

Hope everyone enjoyed their long Jubilee weekend ūüôā Yesterday was full of all things Student Support – I had my first taste of dealing with a large amount of enquiries by myself! I have taken phone calls and emails before, but this was a whole new experience, running from the phone, to the front desk and back to my desk again really tested my juggling skills. With a little bit of team work between myself and Helen, the student funding adviser, we kept control of the office.¬†All good fun though and very good¬†practice¬†for when our new set of students arrive in September! In the midst of this madness, myself and Nicola gave a prospective student a campus tour – thankfully the weather held out and we had some sunshine! It was a great chance to talk one on one to a student, answer their questions and of course, show off our lovely campus! Continue reading

The Third Cohort…

The University of Lincoln – The Main Admin Building – Our main base during our internship.

Hello blogging world, it’s me again (Nicola).

This is turning out to be quite a busy week for us interns, the days are running along pretty quickly.

Matt mentioned in yesterday’s blog that we attended the Introduction to Internships at The University of Lincoln (quite a¬†mouthful). I found it to be an incredibly useful and informative day. At first I wasn’t sure if I would be catered for (not sure if that’s the right way of putting it, but I’m sticking with it). What I mean by that is I thought the day would be aimed at students who have just graduated and started their first job (post-university) as an intern. However that wasn’t the case and once we had taken part in a bit of intern speed dating (really, that happened) we all, including the trainers, got to know everyone’s individual story. Continue reading