Back to School!

Back to School… Nicola went back to her TEFL teaching roots and taught a day of Summer Camp at The University of Lincoln!

Hello bloggers!

It’s been a while since I blogged and this will be a really speedy one as I’m off to a whole day of Intern training in a few minutes. But I wanted to squeeze in a brief little blog because from tomorrow I will be out of the office for two weeks on my summer holiday woohooo! Northern Spain here I come. PLEASE let the sun shine and the blue skies rule, I can’t wait to leave this horrible English drizzle behind. I will try and bring the sunshine back with me!!

This week I found myself returning to the English Language classroom. On Monday I covered one day of the University’s Nanchang Summer Camp. It was fantastic to be back in the classroom teaching young adults, they were so sweet and really, really chatty. Unfortunately they were freezing and unhappy with this English ‘summer’ weather. I apologised for the rain and crossed my fingers that the sun would shine for them at some point. Although they will always be cold because they’ve come from about 34oC in China! Continue reading