All change!


It feels like forever since I’ve had chance to blog. I have been on annual leave and before that attending events. The time is flying past and I can’t believe it is into July! I do have some pictures from mine and Emma’s Birmingham events that I will endeavour to upload very soon along with a detailed account of our trip! Sufficed to say it was very enjoyable, tiring, lot of talking and smiling and driving!!! Continue reading


Red, White and Blue

Hello!  I am currently blogging from a very patriotic, red, white and blue office. We were even treated to some delicious cupcakes yesterday courtesy of one of our Student Support colleagues, Sue! And Nicola, brought in some lovely chocolate biscuits today so a very indulgent week!

If you follow the blog, you’ll know that I am aiming to up my exercise and ensure that I don’t let my fellow Walk the World team mates down! Tuesday I walked in to work with Nicola, (2.7 miles each way according to Google maps). I have also scheduled an induction at the University gym for Thursday next week as unfortunately it was not possible this week, so small steps towards my goals. Continue reading

Marketing Monday…

Summer’s here!

Happy Monday!!!

The sun is still shining!!! Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend and aren’t suffering from the horrible cold that seems to be going round — Mine is slowly subsiding.

Today is a day of enquiries!! The Outreach Team have been drafted in to help answer external enquiries in the Marketing department, manning the phones. I am very glad we were asked to help out as it’ll hopefully build my confidence with taking enquiries in a quiet office; always a daunting task!

Marketing receive calls ranging from course questions, fee options, accommodation queries to how long is a piece of string…… so a real chance to test our knowledge– or simply our ability to transfer calls and get familiar with the phones- of which, no two are ever the same!!! . Continue reading